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Favorite 3 Summer Home Decor Ideas

Happy weekend!!

I want to share with you my favorite summer home decor items from Knits with Kate! These items can be used to decoration all year round but they especially scream SUMMERTIME when I think of them!

1. Crochet Round Rug

Whenever I think of this rug, my mind automatically imagines it on the porch. Setting your feet on something soft while rocking in the rocking chair or swinging on the porch swing. This rug is super soft and would be perfect as an accent on the front or back porch, as a door mat, or placed anywhere inside the home of course!

The rug is made from tube yarn with a polyester filling. It does not shed and is machine washable! The color in the picture is light grey. There are many different colors to choose from!

2. Plant Hangers

This Spring I have fallen in love with plant hangers. I honestly wasn't much of a plant person to begin with, but since I've been making these, I've really been getting a green thumb!

My favorite thing about them: they can be outdoor and indoor decor! I love the idea of having one of these hanging by my window or bed.

There's all kinds of plant hangers: hangers on a rod/piece of wood, or hangers on a hook. Also, you can choose from a single, double, or triple hanger! I'll be having more designs out soon!

You can also order from over 50 different colors!

These are great for outdoors and porch decor, or wherever you have plants!

3. Chenille Blanket

You might be thinking why I've listed a blanket as a favorite summer decor item.. but let me explain!

This blanket is made from chenille yarn which is super lightweight and soft. I promise, when you're using it, it feels so light and airy! The lightweight feeling makes its a perfect blanket for the summertime. It won't make you too warm!

The cable knit pattern of this blanket is also great for decoration purposes! It can be hung over a chair or couch as a throw, or even on a bed. To make it even more summer-like, hang it over your porch swing!

Many colors and sizes are available!

With love,


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