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The Hutch Project

If you haven't heard.. Knits with Kate is moving! Not that this makes a huge difference to you since I can thankfully ship products to and from anywhere, but exciting news nonetheless!

Austin and I are moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan at the end of the summer! He starts Law School at the University of Michigan this fall. We are excited and scared and hopeful as we start an adventure in unknown territory.

Of course, apart of moving is finding a home. We've searched Zillow and more times than I can count, and we've narrowed it down to a few places! And me being me, I'm nonstop looking up home decor ideas that are way above our budget and my skills and I may have already ordered a few things from Joanna Gaines Magnolia Market.. 😬

Thankfully, I have a lot of hand-me-downs from grandparents and great grandparents that could be super useful and may be perfect for our new place. One of these pieces is a hutch from my great grandma. It's slightly falling apart but you can't tell with a little bit of paint! Ha 😜

It's my first real "home project" and I was terrified because of my past experiences with painting... Let's just say I'm not the best. My brother recently painted his kitchen cabinets and my mom was the only one allowed to help. I wasn't even allowed to paint my own room back in middle school! One swoosh of the paint roller and I was done for. Thankfully I wasn't too bothered by sitting back and watching others do it for me. But this hutch is the first piece of big furniture to be placed into our new home and it has a history. I wanted to be the one to paint it (with some help from Austin) because its ours. Not a room in my parents house, not my brothers kitchen cabinets, but our hutch for our home.

I think it turned out pretty well for a poor painter like myself. There are still a few spots to touch up and some paint to scrape off the windows, but overall, it's done!

Here's the original:

I'm sharing a series of videos that document the process over on instagram! I just posted part one. Click here to stay up to date and watch each day to see the final reveal!

Go Blue!


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