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My Favorite Macrame Supplies

Happy Sunday, friends!

I want to share with you all the supplies and materials I like to use when making my macrame pieces! I have fortunately found a great supplier for my cords and sticks. I use lots of different cord sizes / colors and many different stick sizes. These suppliers give me everything I could ever need because they have so many options!

  1. The Cord

My favorite macrame cord to use is from Unfettered Co! They have so many color options that are absolutely beautiful. They also have a deal on their Etsy site where you get 1 color for free when buy 4!

Picture from Unfettered Co. Shop here:

They offer 2mm-7mm cord thickness. I typically use 5mm!

2. Driftwood Sticks

There are so many places on Etsy that offer great driftwood for my pieces! The places I've ordered from so far have been great and give you lots of different size options! A few favorite Etsy stores that sell these are StrollinTheBeach and TerrariumBotanical! StrollinTheBeach gets their driftwood from Lake Erie and TerrariumBotanical gets their driftwood pieces from the Pacific Northwest beaches! I used to use long sticks that I could find around the outside of my home but I learned the hard way that they can easily break during the shipping process if they aren't sturdy enough. Driftwood is definitely the way to go with these projects!

Picture from StrollinTheBeach. Shop here:

Picture from TerrariumBotanical. Shop here:

3. Fringe Brush

A big part of the process with macrame is combing out fringe! It can take forever and be a mess, but there's certain supplies you can use to make it easier! My favorite is Unfettered Co's Bamboo Fringe Brush. They offer a set that comes with the brush and comb, but I only have the brush at the moment! Its super nice for combing out fringe and makes the process a lot easier! I also use a small comb in combination with the brush, but I just use an old small hair comb that I have! Both are really helpful!

Picture from Unfettered Co. Shop here:

4. Fabric Stiffening Spray

My last go to product for making macrame is Fabric Stiffening Spray! It's great to use for straightening out fringe and keeping it stiff. It's definitely a must have! It can be purchased from many different places such as Hobby Lobby and Amazon.

Picture is from Hobby Lobby. Shop here:

Thanks for taking the time to read through and check out all my favorite macrame materials! Don't forget to subscribe to the Knits with Kate website here to stay up to date on product drops and for special discounts!



*This post is not sponsored.

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