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5 Favorite Fiber Artists!

Happy Sunday , friends!

I'm currently in the midst of packing up boxes and getting rid of old things I no longer need. We have a move in date of August 10th! We're super excited but also tired of stressing over which dresser we're taking and the fact that I have too many books that I'm emotionally attached to and refuse to depart with. :)

Amongst the craziness over here, I'm still making time for macrame and all the fiber things that I love! I wanted to share with you the people who have been inspiring me the most and make amazing items!

  1. Kendra Jane Bates- @kendrajanecreative

Kendra makes lots of weaving products that are an absolute DREAM. I don't even know where she comes up with this stuff, my mind can't comprehend the creativeness. She also does some macrame such as rainbows and macra-weaving!

Find her stuff here! -

2. Rachel from The Larks Head Shop

Rachel makes the cutest macrame pieces like this one! She does a lot of landscape pieces with macrame knots and more! She also sells kits, macrame supplies, and hosts local workshops!

Find her here! -

3. Paige McFeely from Over and Under Weaving Co.

Paige makes such eye catching weaving tapestries! She has a really fun style and uses the prettiest colors. I just can't get over the beauty of them!

Find her here!-

4. Caroline Langford from The Happy Home Collective

Caroline makes these beautiful floral weaving tapestries. I have no idea how she does it, but I'm obsessed! I fell in love with her work the second I saw it. I believe she incorporates a little macrame too!

Find her here! -

5. Jenell Flynn from Spruce and Linen

I think Jenell is the first or second person I watched when l was learning how to weave! She has great tutorials to teach all the different weaving techniques and more! She also makes beautiful pieces!

Find her here! -

I have so so so many more favorite fiber artists, these are just a few to start! I'll be highlighting more fiber artists each month or so.

Check back each week for more favorites and updates!



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