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My Story

Hi friend! I'm so glad you're here. 
I started this business in February of 2021. I've slowly realized how much my heart and hands love fiber arts and other creative outlets. I've never considered myself to be the creative or artsy type, but I've really been loving it! I remember when I was a teenager painting on canvas, and coming up with crazy ideas to decorate my room or make cute decorative household items. I never really thought I could much with that creativity and I quickly lost that burn for artsy creations.  
In the last year or so, that fire in me has reignited and I'm starting to feel a reconnection to my creative side again. 
I make and create because it's so fun and therapeutic to see what the mind and hands can think up. I create because it's a passion. I create to challenge myself and learn everyday.  
I also create for you. It's an honor to work on a project for you, that you trust me to create whats in your mind!
Most of my products are made to order which means I buy the materials for the products once an order is planed. I typically do not have the materials to make the orders on hand. Some orders can also be custom made such as tapestries and wall hanging. Send me a message/email and we can discuss your vision! 
If a product is made to order, customizable, or already made, it will say in the description of the product. 
Please feel free to reach out for any questions! 
Enjoy the shop! :) 
- Kate
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